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On Point Electrical Solutions ltd, believe that making the planet a greener place for our future generation is a top priority. That's why we pride ourselves on being specialists in electric vehicle charging. 

Electric Car Chargers Installed from £595.00 



We install a variety of car charging points. Including this Rolec EV WallPod HomeSmart Charging Station fully installed from £695. More info on this charger. Contact us for a discussion on the best charging point that will suit your specific needs.

Alternatively, we are able to source a brand of charger at your request* or if you would prefer we can offer a few suggestions for you and price them up.


*on the rare occasion where this is not possible we will offer an equivalent alternative

How To Choose The Right Charger For Me?

If you have a fully electric car then a home charge point is a must have. Here at On Point Electrical Solutions we only recommend car chargers which we would be happy to use ourselves. In this section we will explain some of the chargers and their benefits along with how to choose one. We know that our customers have a wide variety of needs and budgets. We have tried to offer a few chargers that will cover a wide range of these requirements. Below are some key points to consider when choosing your charger:

  1. Budget for Your Charger Supplied and Installed

  2. Tethered or Untethered 

  3. Style of Charger and Design

  4. Key Features and Capabilities 

  5. Speed of Charging and Power Output

Below we will look at each point in more depth and after this look at some options.

1. Budget for Your Charger Supplied and Installed 

Price will be key for most people. There are a wide range of price points to suit every budget.

Our chargers start from as little as £595 including installation and parts*. The best way to get an accurate price for your installation is to click "Request a Quote" on your chosen charger. 

If you're key criteria is keeping costs low, then the Project EV EVA-07S PRO EARTH - fantastic value for money and one of our most popular chargers. It is an untethered unit, which is explained in more detail below.

If you are wanting to keep the price low but also want a tethered charger which a lot of customers prefer, then the Wallbox Pulsar Plus would be a great choice.

If you would like a premium charger with excellent design and build quality,  the Andersen A2  is our best seller. It's available in a range of finishes including wood.

*price is for lowest priced charger with basic installation (within 1m from consumer unit)

2. Tethered or Untethered 

The main difference between tethered and untethered chargers are if the charging cable is permanently connected to the charger or not. If it is, then its called tethered and if the cable detaches for you to take with you then its untethered.


Key Points for Tethered Chargers

  • Simple operation, just uncoil and plug in.

  • Quicker to plug in and unplug.

  • Security as the cable cannot be removed from the unit.

  • Cable included, which may mean you do not need to buy one separately 


Key Points for Untethered Chargers

  • Tends to be cheaper than tethered chargers

  • Can replace charging cable for different types, length etc...

  • Can take charging cable with you to use elsewhere 

  • Works with both type 1 and type 2 cars

  • No cables left when not in use

3. Style of Charger and Design


4. Key features and capabilities 


5. Speed of charging and power output


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